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Déaglán Campbell | Creative Director |

Déaglán is probably the one you'll meet first, as creative director he plays a major role in the strategic and creative development of each design project. He believes that anything worth designing is worth designing well. His job is to understand your needs and to deliver your message to it's greatest potential.

With an Honours Degree in Graphic, Product and Interactive Design and over 17 years industry experience Déaglán brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as well as a mean cappuccino!

Tanya Cullen | Designer, Photographer |

Tanya doesn't actually shoot people but she does take beautiful pictures (look at them here), as well as being a souper-fabulous designer to boot.

After graduating from AIT with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Design Communications and working for some of Dublin's top design companies, Tanya now works for Soup part-time and has started her own business too. Tanya brings a quirky edge to our Souper Design Team.

Fergal Donlon | Programmer Extraordinaire |

Fergal is our programmer / developer, he adds a special magic dust that only he can control (or so he tells us), to make our websites truly come to life.

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